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Dom, otel, villa.

Dom, otel, villa. Photo 1
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 2
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 3
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 4
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 5
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 6
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 7
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 8
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 9
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 10
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 11
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 12
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 13
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 14
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 15
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 16
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 17
Dom, otel, villa. Photo 18
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Views: 112
1 month
24 / 1 / 0
3 months
112 / 1 / 0
6 months
112 / 1 / 0
№: 9417
Type: Private houses & cottages
* Luxury homes & cottages (VIP)
Sale: $690
Rent: $5 000
Daily rent: $30
Georgia, Tbilisi, Isani
Number of storeys: 6
Space: 680m2
Number of rooms: 15
Condition: Living condition, With furniture and appliances, The object supplied with gas, Gas heating
Land area: 680m2
Category of land: Not agricultural
Ceiling height: 3.00
Bathroom: 13
Balcony: 6
Loggia: 7
Terrace: 1
Bedroom: 12
Hall: 2
Living room: 1
Hall: 1
Kitchen: 1
Kitchen-studio: 60
Kitchen-dining room: 30
Dining room: 1
Cabinet: 1
Children’s room: 1
Rest room: 1
Corridor: 4
Wardrobe: 12
Utility room: 3
Storeroom: 4
"Old Tbilisi"
In mountains
Near the river
Mountains view
View in the yard
Natural gas
Cable television
Satellite television
Security system
Video-supervision system
Windows of metal plastic
Modern renovation
Expensive repair
Expensive finishing materials
Laminate flooring
Granite flooring
Marble flooring
Marble stares
Heating-gas convector
Shower stall
Every day equipment
Technical equipment
Electric stove
Electric oven
Microwave oven
Washing machine
Dish washing machine
Boiler room
Basement, , Well-built territory

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